Monday, May 7, 2012


The renovations were completed and the Library opened to the public on Tuesday, April 24, which was our busiest single day ever.  We served 1,039 walk-in patrons that day, which is one-tenth of our normal monthly count!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


This project is estimated to cost $110,000.  It is being funded by a generous grant of $63,765 from the Champlin Foundations, $35,000 from the Town of Smithfield, and the remainder from Greenville Library savings.

Closing for Renovation

The Library will be closed the week of April 16 for renovations.  Please plan accordingly.  You may return items to any public library in Rhode Island, or to the Library's bookdrop, but you must pick up your holds before April 16 or they will not be available to you until we reopen.

Fax and Copier Services

Self service copy machines, one black print and one color, will be available to the public.  A self service fax machine will also be available.  Again, library staff will always be available to make your copies or send your faxes for you.

Quiet Study Areas

We will have four two-person quiet study stalls, and one single space.  These were planned to assist tutors and individuals who need a quiet space to work.

Public Computers

There will be twelve (12) desk top computers available to the public, as well as ten (10) laptop computers that can be used anywhere in the building.

Checkout Stations

There will be four checkout stations that can be used by patrons or staff. If you are comfortable doing your own checkouts you can do so, and those who want staff assistance can have staff do the checkout for them.

You can use your smartphone with a barcode app to check out as well as your library card.

One checkout station is located in the children's room and three will be located in the adult service area. Adult stations can be used to check out all materials including DVDs and CDs in locked cases.

There will also be a self-service payment station so patrons can pay fines with a credit card in privacy. Of course, staff will be available as always to accept fines and lost material payments by cash or credit card.